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Lab Grown Diamonds – What you need to know

We offer Lab Grown Diamonds in all sizes and price ranges. Available in Munich and Augsburg! Lab Grown Diamonds available for all our engagement rings, memoire rings, wedding rings and other jewelry collections! What are Lab Grown Diamonds? Lab Grown Diamonds, or synthetic diamonds are diamonds that are grown in a laboratory. Other names are for example "synthetic diamond". Like "man made diamond" or "cultured diamond". In the end it is always the same. An artificial diamond. [...]

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Solitaire Ring – What is the secret behind this classic?

The solitaire ring is considered the most famous diamond jewelry. It is also often used as an engagement ring. A classic solitaire ring consists of a brilliant-cut diamond. As well as a claw setting. Due to the special cut, the diamond sparkles particularly beautiful. The ring has its name from the French. Solitaire means loner. So a single diamond is the highlight of the jewelry. In addition, the gemstone symbolically represents the chosen one(s). The model is considered THE engagement ring par excellence. To this [...]

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Ring Size Guide – Which ring size should I choose?

When it comes to engagement rings, wedding rings or simple pieces of jewelry, it is important to know your ring size (especially on the ring finger). Ring sizes can be easily determined at home. There are several methods to find out the size. It is important to always measure the finger on which the piece of jewelry will be worn later. After all, each finger is different and even the ring fingers on the left and right hand are not always the same. In addition, [...]

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Pregnancy and jewelry – a problem?

Jewelry during pregnancy can be annoying. Every woman who was or is pregnant knows that it is not always pleasant to wear jewelry during this time. The hands, for example, can become thicker. As a result, the beloved wedding ring no longer fits. Many women take off their jewelry in this phase. Some are also lucky that the ring still fits on the other hand or on another finger. You have to wait and see in the worst case. After losing weight or water deposits [...]

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The 5 most beautiful places for a proposal in Augsburg

A proposal in Augsburg. The city has beautiful, romantic corners. If you would like to propose, this is the right place! We reveal our favorite places! 1. The Kahnfahrt The Augsburger Kahnfahrt can be found at Riedlerstraße 11, 86152 Augsburg. A beautiful restaurant with boat rental as well as a breathtaking view directly at the water. The family business offers Swabian dishes in the beer garden in the summer and fondue in the winter. So you can eat delicious food and take a [...]

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Royal Asscher Cut Diamonds in München & Augsburg

What are Royal Asscher Diamonds? The Royal Asscher company is best known for their very own Cut. The Asscher family business is cutting the worlds finest diamonds in Amsterdam for over 150 years already. You can buy Royal Asscher diamonds at our stores in Munich and Augsburg. There are fascinating ways to create a unique piece of jewellery with these diamonds. What´s the story behind the cut? [...]

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Diamond hunting in South Africa!

We'll go diamond hunting with you! Together with the Young Diamantaires we will show you where diamonds come from. In summer 2019 our diamond expert and GIA - Graduate Gemologist Christopher had the chance to travel to South Africa. Together with a group of diamond experts he visited the Venetia Diamond Mine of DeBeers in Limpopo, South Africa. 25 people from 10 countries and it's all about diamonds! We will also reveal what Christopher experienced in South Africa and where exactly our diamonds come from. So how [...]

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