Lab Grown Diamonds – What you need to know

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Lab Grown Diamonds – What you need to know

We offer Lab Grown Diamonds in all sizes and price ranges. Available in Munich and Augsburg!

Lab Grown Diamonds available for all our engagement rings, memoire rings, wedding rings and other jewelry collections!

What are Lab Grown Diamonds?

Lab Grown Diamonds, or synthetic diamonds are diamonds that are grown in a laboratory. Other names are for example “synthetic diamond”. Like “man made diamond” or “cultured diamond”. In the end it is always the same. An artificial diamond.

How are synthetic diamonds created in the laboratory?

When you think of a traditional diamond (which comes from deep underground), you think of mines and heavy equipment. So you do not have to dig for artificial diamonds. However, it takes many weeks and very high engineering art to create them.

There are two ways to produce Lab Grown Diamonds, or synthetic diamonds:

CVD – Chemical Vapour Deposition

In CVD (Chemical Vapour Deposition), a new diamond is “grown” from an existing piece of diamond in many hours by a chemical vapour process. Our video above gives more details about this process.

HPHT – High Temperature High Pressure

In the HPHT (High Pressure High Temperature) method, carbon particles are formed into a diamond in a pressure chamber, as the name suggests, through high pressure and high temperature, similar to those found in the earth.

How much do Lab Grown Diamonds cost?

The price of synthetic diamonds depends on the same 4C’s (carat/size, clarity/purity, color/color, cut/cut) as natural diamonds. Below are a few price examples. Generally it can be said that synthetic diamonds from the laboratory are about 40-70% cheaper than natural diamonds from the earth.

Engagement ring with synthetic diamond, approx. 1.01ct W/VS, 950/- platinum.

Only 2.999.-

White gold wedding rings, full wreath with synthetic diamonds á 0.03ct, pair price

Only 1.999

Memoire ring with synthetic diamonds, approx. 1ct

Only 999.-

Where do synthetic diamonds come from? And why buy diamonds from Designer Diamonds?

Most synthetic diamonds come from countries like China or India. Synthetic diamonds from Designer Diamonds, however, come from ethically traded sources. Among others from the USA. In addition, our in-house GIA gemologists ensure that you only receive quality that has been tested by experts!

Protects the environment and CO2

This is often mentioned as the main argument for artificial diamonds. Thus they are supposed to be produced more environmentally friendly. Even almost CO2 neutral. We can only give a YES and a NO to this! Because synthetic diamonds coming from countries like India and China are mostly NOT.

Therefore it is important to pay attention to the sources. We work together with Lab Grown diamond manufacturers. For example, they get their energy for the growth process from solar energy. This guarantees an almost neutral CO2 production.

Features and benefits of Lab Grown Diamonds

Ethically produced and traded

A lot of Lab Grown Diamonds come from untraceable, uncertain sources. At Designer Diamonds, we make sure that synthetic diamonds come only from ethical production and therefore are not blood diamonds!

Same properties as natural diamonds

CVD and HPHT diamonds, can be equated with natural diamonds from the earth. Optical and physical properties are considered. One can determine with special equipment whether it is a natural or artificial diamond. Diamond institutes like GIA, HRD or IGI also issue certificates for this.

High purity and quality

Type II a are the purest diamonds. Since they contain the least nitrogen (Nitrogen). Therefore you can produce them in a laboratory.

Affordable colored diamonds

Synthetic diamonds offer a very good alternative for colored diamonds. Natural blue, green, pink, yellow or red diamonds can be very expensive. Consequently, synthetic diamonds are in a similar price range as white diamonds.

At Designer Diamonds in Munich and Augsburg you can obtain Lab Grown diamonds from ethical sources. In all sizes and price ranges at the best price!

For more inspiration please visit us at Designer Diamonds in Munich or Augsburg. Let us advise you! You can also find us online www.designer-diamonds.de. Or on our social media platforms FacebookInstagram and Twitter. We look forward to seeing you!

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