Ring Size Guide – Which ring size should I choose?

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Ring Size Guide – Which ring size should I choose?

When it comes to engagement rings, wedding rings or simple pieces of jewelry, it is important to know your ring size (especially on the ring finger). Ring sizes can be easily determined at home. There are several methods to find out the size. It is important to always measure the finger on which the piece of jewelry will be worn later. After all, each finger is different and even the ring fingers on the left and right hand are not always the same. In addition, one must be aware that the ring size varies over time. For example, during pregnancy or even in warm or cold temperatures. It is therefore an advantage to measure and update your measurement before buying a ring.


How do I measure ring sizes?

To determine the ring size you can wrap a string or a strip of paper around your finger. You should be careful not to wrap the string too tightly around the finger. Next, mark the place where the string meets again, for example. The length of the string corresponds to the size of the finger, or the German ring size in millimeters (see table “GER”). The diameter (see table “Ø in mm”) is obtained by dividing the circumference by the value 3.14. Of course, the whole thing works the other way around, too. Let us assume you already own a ring that has the perfect size. You can measure the diameter of the ring with a knife slider or again with a piece of paper. If you want to be absolutely sure, you can also have your ring size measured by a trusted jeweler.



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